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Let go of your struggling thoughts, make peace with it

Find a way to better about it and it will be easier to do it. ❤

How To Allow

Lesson 2: Keep it simple, stupid

Day two of this blog and I have to say right now my head is all over the place again.

Yesterday, in spells, there was clarity. 1,069 more words

Abraham Hicks

Being The Perfect Partner + Parent of Your Dreams

Let’s start with the googled definition of the word “Perfect”




  1. 1.

    having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

  2. 661 more words
New Mom

Lesson One: Medicine

So, the blog. This is something I have meant to write for two, maybe three years.

What is it, then? Well, the blog is about my journey from being a very messed up guy in the “real world” to who am I today – and, today, if you are expecting some glorious rags to riches story then I am afraid you are about to be very disappointed. 1,578 more words

Abraham Hicks

How to Use the Law of Attraction Effectively

I know I wrote “use the law of attraction” but what we really mean here is “use the knowledge of natural law”- because it’s ALWAYS being used, be it consciously or subconsciously. 12 more words

Law Of Attraction

Know Thyself

Following on from the previous post…….

“When you allow yourself to find consistent vibrational resonance with who you really are so that you’re tuned in, tapped in, turned on and good at following the impulse when it’s offered, then your timing becomes really really really really good, and timing matters in the subject of deliberate creation because you are all here: lots of people with lots of different beliefs and lots of different intentions, lots of different creation going on all around you, and yet every single one of you has the ability, the wherewithal to create exactly what you are wanting – in other words the resourcefulness of this environment is beyond our ability to describe it to you. 1,130 more words